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Why, hello there! [She smiles coyly, swirling a tumbler of well-aged whisky.] Welcome to my sandpit, or mind palace, if you please. And if this tiny bit of cyberspace is only half as haphazardly organized and unpredictably multilingual as my mind… well, then good luck to you, dear reader! Frankly, I envy you not one whit. If high-quality reading material is what you seek, now might be the time to pick up a critically acclaimed novel. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.

I have entitled this page “About me,” which may be a bit misleading. The fact is that I dislike talking about myself and generally tend to avoid doing so at all costs, as you will soon discover. So sorry to disappoint. Of course, I’m a dynamic go-getter, domestic goddess, unique snowflake, and inspiration to all, but I want you to find that out for yourself, because that way you will also be able to admire my humility. No, this is not going to be about me. It’s about how this website came into existence and what sorts of posts you might expect to find here (all in good time, dear friends, all in good time).

Here’s the dillio. I worked as a freelance translator for a while and thought it would be a great idea to snatch up this great domain name, in case another Veronika Volná came along in the meantime and gasp! stole it from me. And so it happened that three years later I was, once again, inputting my credit card details in order to pay for another year’s webhosting for a website that I wasn’t even using. “By Jove,” I thought – because my internal monologue is a character from a Victorian novel, – “By Jove! Why are you letting this lovely virtual space all go to waste? Why not seize the day, carpe diem, put your ass on the line and all that, old chum?” – I also address myself in the second person. I had to agree that this would be the perfect outlet for all of my shower thoughts and for my is-it-imposter-syndrome-or-am-i-genuinely-shit, dashes-are-severely-underrated, why-do-people-still-indent-using-spaces angst. A place where I could finally answer all of humanity’s unasked questions.

So seize the day I did – well done me! And commiserations to you for having to read it all – because I do suspect that I’m the only person who’s actually interested in my magnificent musings. Even if you never get further than this single page, the only thing I really want you to remember is this:

I’m a dynamic go-getter, domestic goddess, unique snowflake, and inspiration to all.

So come join me on this fascinating, magical journey (hopefully) filled with food for thought, thoughts on food, unsolicited poetry snippets and lots of rants about things that nobody cares about.

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